Subscription Steps

  1. Create an account.
  2. Enter your location.
  3. Accept the Service Agreement.
  4. Enter payment information (Credit or debit)

XkyFire (pr: Sky Fire) will provide alerts and warnings for anyone that might be exposed to dangerous lightning. Subscription options include personal or commercial services. To get started there are five steps that will take about ten minutes to complete, and the service will be fully functional at the end of this process.

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Would you like to GIFT a subscription to someone you know? Follow the Gift Sub link to provide anyone with a one year subscription for real-time Lightning alerts and warnings direct to their cell phone.

GIFT Subscription

The Lightning Data Archive maintained by XkyFire is hosted separately from the main “Real-Time” site in order to ensure speed and band-width is adequate for each service. Limited historical data is available with Commercial and Personal accounts, but for deeper searches the archive must be used. To create a subscription to the XkyFire Archive use this link:

Archive Subscription