Signup Introduction

XkyFire RealTime Lightning is intended for operations that would benefit from increased situational awareness with respect to lightning activity. The sign-up process is intended for the individual that will administer XkyFire RealTime Lightning services on behalf of your organisation. To get started there are five steps that will take about ten minutes to complete, and the service will be fully functional at the end of this process.

  1. Create an account for the administrator
  2. Enter the geographic location of your facilities
  3. Accept the Service Agreement terms
  4. Enter payment information (Credit or debit or PayPal)
  5. Create user accounts

After doing this, the service will automatically create an alerting area for your facilities, XkyFire personnel are notified that you have joined the service, and alerts will be issued as required starting within one hour of account creation. Each step of the sign-up process has detailed explanations so you understand at every step what is happening.

If you will be the Manager for your site and may authorize payment, and are readyto begin, then; Continue